One-page HTML Website
    • HTML-based website using HTML5
    • One page that can feature photos and about two to three paragraphs of text
    • Contact Form
    • Some designs include mini photo gallery (up to 6 photos)
    • Great for a landing page or lead generation
Five-page HTML/PHP Website
    • HTML-based website using HTML5 and limited PHP functionality
    • Up to five pages or panels
    • Simple Contact Form with reCaptcha
    • Great for a simple website that does not require updates or  extensive functionality
WordPress Website / Content Management System
    • Up to five pages or panels (additional pages available)
    • Shopping Cart setup with up to four products (counts as three pages)
    • Update and add pages using online admin pages
    • Many software add-ons are available to extend the functionality
    • Theme cost is not included — theme prices vary, but some themes are free
    • If you already have a WordPress theme, then we can probably use it
All Websites Include
    • Responsive and mobile-friendly website (see examples below)
    • Use your text (copy writing available)
    • Use your photos, or help you locate pictures and artwork for you (licensing fees may apply, although free photos are available)
    • Limited photo finishing using PhotoShop, to make the pictures fit
    • Included in cost:
      • Upload your files to web hosting
      • Web hosting setup — incurs a separate monthly fee. Hosting for low-volume websites costs less than $5/month, including email and more. (If you already have web hosting, we can use it.)
      • Domain name registration assistance, if needed (there is a separate registration fee)
      • Up to 30 minutes phone consultation, as needed (limited to USA phone numbers and time zones)
    • Remote support only — this offer does not include onsite support. However, 30 minutes of telephone consultation is available.

Domain name registration and web hosting fees are not included

Sample Websites

The following demo sites provide examples of web design concepts. These are just samples – your design is not limited to these styles.

HTML5 with PHP  
One-Page HTML  

Note: These are not production websites – they are for demonstration purposes only. Some have extended functionality that is not included in the base price.