The contents of the box will be updated when the IoT Button is clicked at a remote location.


At Remote Location…

  1. IoT Button
    • Button has been registered in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Security keys have been imported from AWS into the button
    • Button is connected to local WiFi
  2. The button uses WiFi to transmit button click data to the AWS cloud via HTTPS
    • The button comes pre-configured to use an endpoint at Amazon AWS
  3. AWS routes the following button click data to a Lambda Function:
    • Button Serial Number
    • Click Type (Single | Double | Long)
    • Battery Voltage
  4. The AWS Lambda Function uses Python language to POST the data from AWS to a PHP script located at this website
    • The PHP script stores the click data to a MySQL database as a new record

Meanwhile, at this website…

  • PHP framework
  • MySQL database
  • HTML web design
  • JQuery polls the database every 3 seconds to look for a new database record. If it finds new data then the box is updated with the new status, date/time, and an icon is selected based on the click value:
    • NO CLICK TODAY = airplane icon
    • SINGLE = one-finger icon
    • DOUBLE = two-finger icon
    • LONG = hand icon

Download the Code

AWS IoT Button To PHP — Integrate an Amazon AWS IoT Button with AWS Lambda to send button clicks to a PHP web page, which uses jQuery to automatically update the page.